Desert Island Questions…

04 Jun


The year is almost half over and yet it seems like it’s just begun.  Our garden is in full effect.  Reservations are filling in.  Emails keep popping up…  We have been really busy especially after our garden party a couple weeks back and all the fabulous press we have been getting.  This weeks guest were extra special and the conversations at the breakfast table have been inspiring.

What I’ve noticed is the majority of our guest have one thing in common, they all want a greener and brighter future.  Its incredible to think that because we promote sustainable hospitality how many different people from all over the world seek us out because of this unique quality.  I get excited when I take guest on our tour and show them where our compost is and what our garden looks like and go into detail of what we are doing in the future to improve our sustainability (such as a rooftop garden on our garage).  Of course I only go into detail if the guest seem interested, if someone starts yawning I usually take that as a sign to show them where their room is and offer them a glass of wine.

Then I started to think, if you could put any ten people around the breakfast table (famous or not) who would it be?  What would you serve them?  And what would the topic of conversation be?  I think this is one of those desert island questions which to me are always fun to answer and hear what other peoples choices are.  I also decided to post it up on Twitter and Facebook today.  Can’t wait to read everyone’s comments.

My answer is for people the Knight of the Round Table, minus three knights that is.  I would serve them french toast with  fresh blueberries on top, scrambled eggs, and roasted potatoes (ha this is what I’m making for breakfast tomorrow), and the conversation would be ‘Michael Jackson or Prince’.  Yup these are the things I think about as I run around the inn.

Sara at the Queen Anne

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