Another day in the shoes of an Innkeeper

01 Jun

I think everyone here at the Queen Anne is really excited about all the media attention we have been receiving, especially after our 1st Annual Garden Party.  Modern in Denver was the first to publish a little blurb, then came almost all the Egotist from NYC to LA and even Chicago, and tomorrow SF Egotist will be publishing an article as well!  Last Saturday Milan (the owner) and I had huge grins on our faces when we read the Denver Post article about us, the spread had four huge pictures featuring our rooms.  There was so much attention for one night of absolute fun that it was almost shocking!  All we wanted was our friends and our favorite people in the Denver community to come hang out with us and celebrate the hard work everyone of the artist put into their rooms.  Meanwhile enjoying some amazing pizza brought to you by the guys at  Beet Box and my favorite beer in the world Great Divide. I will post links at the end of this blog if you are interested in reading any of the articles.

Now I would like to give a quick shout out to everyone who was apart of planning the event and also to the rest of our staff including housekeeping (cause they are the best and no one will understand just how hard they work to keep this old Victorian clean) and our groundskeeper.  A huge shout out to Baily Rose for curating the rooms and to all the artist who had to stare at the walls of their individual rooms and come up with concepts that would not only impress us but also impress our guest, Josh and Tran Wills, Markham Maes and Natasha Lilipore, Tuyet Nguyen, and Rachel Znerold.  They worked so hard and never once complained, instead they only expressed their excitement!  Also to Jen Nordhem and Tran Wills who was behind all our media attention, and Tran Wills for setting up this blog and also being apart of the Wills Room.  I feel proud to work for such an amazing establishment.

For the next blog I won’t be as sappy and I will be writing about the daily life of an Innkeeper, because we have some entertaining stories to tell.  I’m also going to include pictures of random things that happen on our property such as pretty flowers blooming in the spring time, and of course FOOD!  Thanks for reading this!

Sara at the Queen Anne

Recent Press

Denver Post

Modern In Denver

New York Egotist

Photo by Kristol Kumar

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